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Feeds calendar (calendario.xml)
Indicator (nemonicos.xml) Periodicity Last data Historical series
Original figures Seasonally adjusted figures Original figures Seasonally adjusted figures
Consumer confidence indicator
Monthly CONCON_M_O.xml CONCON_M_D.xml CONCON_M_O_H.xml CONCON_M_D_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Fortnightly inflation
Biweekly INPCV_Q_O.xml INPCV_Q_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Monthly inflation
Monthly INPCM_M_O.xml INPCM_M_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying Annual Inflation
Monthly INPCAS_M_O.xml INPCAS_M_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying cumulative inflation
Monthly INPCACS_M_O.xml INPCACS_M_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying fortnightly inflation
Biweekly INPCVS_Q_O.xml INPCVS_Q_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying fortnightly year-on-year inflation
Biweekly INPCVSI_Q_O.xml INPCVSI_Q_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying fortnightly year-on-year inflation
Biweekly INPCVI_Q_O.xml INPCVI_Q_O_H.xml
Consumer Price Index (INPC). Underlying monthly inflation
Monthly INPCMS_M_O.xml INPCMS_M_O_H.xml
Consumption expenses of general government, by sector of economic activity. Total. At 2003 prices
Quarterly CONGOB_T_O.xml CONGOB_T_O_H.xml
Copper metallurgical production
Monthly INDMMC_M_O.xml INDMMC_M_O_H.xml
Global Economic Activity Indicator (Total)
Monthly IGAE_M_O.xml IGAE_M_D.xml IGAE_M_O_H.xml IGAE_M_D_H.xml
Global supply and demand for goods and services, base 2013
Quarterly ODGBS_T_O.xml ODGBS_T_D.xml ODGBS_T_O_H.xml ODGBS_T_D_H.xml
Gold mining production
Monthly INDMMO_M_O.xml INDMMO_M_O_H.xml
Gross domestic product, at 2013 prices. Variation annual (Quarterly)
Quarterly PIBVA_T_O.xml
Gross domestic product, at current prices, at market pricesff
Quarterly PIBVPC_T_O.xml PIBVPC_T_O_H.xml
Gross domestic product, at market prices. At 2013 prices
Anual PIBPC_A_O.xml PIBPC_A_O_H.xml
Gross domestic product, at market prices. At 2013 prices
Quarterly PIBPC_T_O.xml PIBPC_T_D.xml PIBPC_T_O_H.xml PIBPC_T_D_H.xml
Gross domestic product, at market prices. At current prices
Quarterly PIBMC_T_O.xml PIBMC_T_O_H.xml
Gross total fixed capital formation (Gross fixed investment)
Monthly FORBRU_M_O.xml FORBRU_M_D.xml FORBRU_M_O_H.xml FORBRU_M_D_H.xml
Leading Indicator. Month on month change
Monthly INDADE_M_O.xml INDADE_M_O_H.xml
Metallurgical production
Monthly INDMM_M_O.xml INDMM_M_D.xml INDMM_M_O_H.xml INDMM_M_D_H.xml
National Consumer Price Index. Annual inflation
Monthly INPCA_M_O.xml INPCA_M_O_H.xml
National Consumer Price Index. Cumulative inflation in the year
Monthly INPCAC_M_O.xml INPCAC_M_O_H.xml
Net sales index in real terms. Retail
Monthly VENMEN_M_O.xml VENMEN_M_D.xml VENMEN_M_O_H.xml VENMEN_M_D_H.xml
Physical Volume Index of Industrial Activity (Total)
Monthly ACTIND_M_O.xml ACTIND_M_D.xml ACTIND_M_O_H.xml ACTIND_M_D_H.xml
Quarterly gross domestic product, at prices of 2013. Seasonally adjusted series (Quarterly)
Quarterly PIB_T_D.xml
Silver mining production
Monthly INDMMP_M_O.xml INDMMP_M_O_H.xml
Timely estimation of gross domestic product, at market prices. At 2013 prices
Quarterly PIBPCEO_T_D.xml PIBPCEO_T_D_H.xml
Total manufacturing industries. Annual variation
Monthly INDMANT_M_O.xml INDMANT_M_O_H.xml
Trade Balance Balance (Total)
Monthly BALCOM_M_O.xml BALCOM_M_D.xml BALCOM_M_O_H.xml BALCOM_M_D_H.xml
Vacancy Rate, Unified Series (Total)
Monthly DESUNI_M_O.xml DESUNI_M_D.xml DESUNI_M_O_H.xml DESUNI_M_D_H.xml