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Coordinator of the National System of Statistical and Geographical Information

The Institute coordinates the National System of Statistical and Geographical Information, which generates the Information of National Interest, said information is available to society free of charge through the Service of Public Information, unless the user requires it to be different from the one that is published. The System is formed by the four subsystems, each coordinated by a vice president of the Governing Board, with the objective of producing and integrating Information of National Interest of the following topics:

  • National Subsystem of Economic Information. National accounts, science and technology, financial information, prices and work. It is headed by Vice President Graciela Márquez Colín
  • National Subsystem of Demographic and Social Information. Population and demographic dynamics, health, education, employment, housing, income distribution and poverty. It is in charge of Vice President Enrique de Alba Guerra.
  • National Subsystem of Government Information, Public Security and Law Enforcement. It generates indicators on these same topics. It is directed by Vice President Adrian Franco Barrios.
  • Subsystem of Geographical Information, Environment, Land-use Planning and Urban Planning. Regarding the geographical topic: coastal, international, state and municipal boundaries; continental, insular and submarine relief data; cadastral, topographic, natural resources and climate data, as well as geographical names. Regarding the environment: water, soil, flora, fauna, atmosphere, as well as solid and hazardous waste. Its head is Vice President Paloma Merodio Gomez.