Terms of use

The use of the site and/or the information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) website www.inegi.org.mx or any of its components, constitutes acceptance of the terms set out below.

Use of INEGI website
  1. INEGI has always granted great importance to disseminate quality information, according to the best methodologies. Therefore, this website has been created to provide users access to statistical and geographical information.
  2. This site has security measures to protect information of any alteration made by third parties, however, INEGI assumes no liability for the alteration or manipulation of data once published in the site.
  3. This website provides links to other national and international organizations. However, INEGI assumes no liability for the content, nor for the use of those sites.
  4. The laws, regulations and other provisions contained in the site do not create rights or establish obligations other than those contained in the provisions published in the Official Journal of the Federation.

    The user:
  5. Can use the information from INEGI with adherence to the provisions of the “INEGI’s Terms of Free Use of Information”.
  6. Is obliged to make good use of the site, respecting the current regulations in the matter, and no harm in it.
  7. Must have a computer that meets the minimum requirements needed to browse the site.
  8. Exempts INEGI from all liability for possible damages that the use of the site might cause incidental or consequential in the equipment, information, property or person.
  9. Accepts and agrees to use the site for lawful purposes and in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

  10. Does not guarantee the operation of the communications network and therefore assumes no responsibility for the availability of this site.
  11. Does not guarantee continuous provision of information.
  12. Is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the user derived from the access to institutional servers or the use of information or applications contained therein. Although the material contained in this site has been previously reviewed with the latest antivirus tools, INEGI recommends taking precautions to protect your computer.
  13. The validity of these Terms of Use is for indefinite time as long as the above provisions are not contravened.
  14. Unauthorized use contrary to these Terms of Use, shall be punished in accordance with applicable law.
  15. Reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification to the User, to modify, extend or suspend the presentation, configuration, technical specifications and website services, temporarily and unilaterally.
  16. Reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms of Use.
  17. These Terms of Use are governed by the Law of the National System of Statistical and Geographic Information, as well as by the regulations applicable in the matter, if any controversy, the user agrees to submit to the jurisdiction and competency of the Federal Courts of Mexico City, Distrito Federal, waiving the jurisdiction that may correspond by reason of current or future domicile or otherwise.

Free use of information from INEGI
  1. The user:
    • Can make and distribute copies of the information, without altering or deleting their metadata.
    • Can disseminate and publish the information.
    • Can adapt and reorder the information.
    • Can extract all or part of the information.
    • Can exploit the information commercially, using it as an input to generate other products or services.
    • Shall grant the corresponding credits to INEGI as the author, and when technically possible, mention the source of information extraction as follows: “Source: INEGI, name of the product from which the information is extracted” and, where appropriate, the update date, example: “Source: INEGI, Economic Census 2009”.
    • Shall make sure to notify the end user of any analysis or transformation made to the information and that said information is not presented in a way that suggests that the analysis or transformation was carried out by INEGI
    • Shall not make it seem like the use of the information represents an official standing for INEGI or that the preceding is endorsed, integrated, sponsored or supported by the source of origin.
  2. INEGI shall not be responsible for the interpretation and application that the user makes of the results obtained through the use of the information; Therefore, any decision based on its interpretation precludes INEGI from any responsibility. Likewise, INEGI shall not be responsible for the differences obtained due to precisions, rounding or numerical truncation, as well as for technical or technological changes that may affect such results.
  3. The duration of these Terms of Free Use is for an indefinite period provided that the aforementioned provisions are not contravened.
  4. Unauthorized use in violation of these Terms of Free Use may be penalized in accordance with the applicable current legislation.
  5. These Terms of Free Use are governed by the Law of the National System of Statistical and Geographical Information, as well as by the applicable regulations in the matter, in case of controversy, the user expressly agrees to submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the Federal Courts of Mexico City, renouncing to any jurisdiction that may apply due to a present or future address or any other cause.
  6. INEGI reserves the right to modify these Terms of Free Use at any time.